Oil Portrait Paintings - Collage

Visions & Surrealism

Oil Portrait Paintings - Collage

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All works are hand painted: Oil on Canvas

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Monetary Marionette: Political PuppetsUnfit Contenders: in the place where Governments once stoodThe Stroll

The Urban OpheliaThe Unknown RockstarAll We Have
The Insanity of HumanityThe Toxic Venus

DreamsSoul Mates

Corporate Atlas

convenient genocideThe Silent Revolution of the Feminist and Human Rights in the developing world

The Despair of my SoulThe DefixioUsed

PandemicPolitical Rhetoric

The Angst of NatureFaded Roots

Greedy BastardsRemembering MankindCorportate Conscience

The Flavour of ManDisease named man

Self Esteem in progressSocietal Legacy: Nursing on our own Destruction
The Promotion -surrealistic visions oil painting Fate -surrealistic visions oil painting
The Death of Nature-surrealistic visions oil painting Maddness within my anguish -surrealistic visions oil painting
Demon MistressMan in DoorwayDemons I Have Known - surrealistic visions oil painting

inner demons oil paintingSmothered Dreams


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