Monique I - oil portrait painting

Monique is the official body model for my work who has generously helped with countless projects. Although I have created some body portraits with her name on them, she has modeled for numerous other works, both with realism and in some surreal works such as the 2007 painting "Death of Nature."

The Monique paintings are an ideal of proportion and sensual beauty; however, I believe that partial or covered nudity has a much stronger sensual appeal than full nudity and my work will continue to reflect this.


Thanks to the poet Gloria Kara for including this beautiful poem:

Missing You

Here I lay...Thinking of only you,
your breath on my face your kiss I taste,tell me our love is true.
Your love surrounds me, everywhere I go,
how much I love thee, I need you to know.
Here I stare...At your face with glowing eyes,
imbedded in my head, without any disguise.
I rest my lashes, only to dream...I can feel you,
your warmth against my flesh, can you feel me to?
Here I wait...For that one glorious day,
I reach out to you, touch me...In every little way.
Gently caress my body, I'll dance my fingers down your spine,
bring me to ecstasy...With just always being mine!

(Gloria Kara, 2008)

Copyright (c)2008 Gloria Kara

 Copyright 2008 Artistry of Marc Eliuk - Personalized Oil Face & Body Portraiture