Featured Face Model
for 2007

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Every few months, I like to feature a face model, who generously donates photos, which I have and will base paintings on. In saying thank you, I like to give an 11x14 painting back to the model to show my appreciation (for free). I typically wait until I have two or three works completed before a model is featured, so these features are on an occasional basis (good paintings take a long time).

(All work is hand painted with a paint brush: oil on canvas)

The very first featured Face Model, from the Artistry of Marc Eliuk, is:


I have found Dayna's facial symmetry to be so perfect, that I have had a difficult time painting her likeness. Painting symmetrical faces is tricky, as when erring by the subtlest of details, the entire look and likeness can change completely. Therefore, Dayna has presented me with an excellent learning opportunity, which has enabled my skills to further develop. You will be seeing more of her in future works as my skills develop well enough to capture her symmetrical features. Thank you Dayna!

Dayna 4
Dayna 1 - Beautiful Faces oil painting

This is the first likeness, this was my first attempt painting such a pronounced pout to the lips. I experimented with the warm black and white using a more brownish hue to the hair.

Dayna 2 Beautiful Faces oil painting

This was my experiment in color, indeed a sultry work, but the symmetry and rich colors eluded my ability to make this a true likeness. I am indeed pleased with the reflection on the eyes. I will try again in the future for greater accuracy overall.

Contempt Expressions oil painting

This was not meant to look much like her, she sent me an excellent Goth-like photo, which had a look for a painting that I was in the midst of planning for an expressions painting. (Wonderful timing!) I used her face for proper proportions and painted according to what I had planned. Her look exceeded my expectations by a long shot. I made changes by slightly widening her face, changing the eye color, sharpening detail, overall hue and adding more shade.

Dayna Thank you painting

This one is my "Thank You" painting to Dayna for being so cooperative as a model. I have painted and added this photo after the feature.

Thank you Dayna

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Dayna 2007

Face Model: Dayna

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