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April - June 2008

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Oil Portrait Paintings - Collage

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The Artistry of Marc Eliuk, is featuring:


Ashleigh is a nurse from Saint John NB, and is simply gorgeous. I asked her to be a face model for this reason but also for the added challenge of painting inner beauty on canvas. Some people just radiate an inner warmth, that can only be defined by the beholder. I decided to communictae this warmth on a canvas and I believe it was with success.

(Click the painting for a higher resolution image)

Ashleigh Beautiful Faces oil painting

This is the first of Ashleigh, yet it is not as beautiful as she is in real life. It's amazing, people walking by at exhibits and also the Saint John City Market would stop in their tracks just to admire this painting of Ashleigh,above all my other works, many have said that this is one of their favorite works by me. I believe that this work will only gain more value and popularity over time.

Ashleigh 2

This is based on an earlier photo of Ashleigh and again her appearance changes with different lightings; hence a strong indicator of symmetry. I decided to paint this one as more interpretive to reflect my perceptual observations of her warmth. Therefore, I painted a subtle "glow" around her, which is what I often see around warm, gentle people as Ashleigh truly is. This is the first time I've tried this effect with my paintings, as I usually limit this warmth to only the face and eyes.

Thank you Ashleigh!

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