Midnight Passions -body portrait painting

Poem: Emotional Love

So soft, so pure, so smooth loving lips,
My breathe dance with excitement, under your fingertips,
Strokes of emotion sweeps my body untamed,
To a beat of a song that lye's unnamed.
Moans of joy lye's like mist surrounding our soul,
My burning heart of pain, you forbid, you stole,
The pain you took, you replaced with an emotional beat,
And let nature take its place in this wild wonderful heat.
Our shadows danced the wall with delight,
Our moans sang together on this still silent night,
The excitement, the breathing, so fast, so deep,
Then the song came to an end, as I began to weep,
The emotional love that sprung that night,
I'll never forget in all my delight.

--Anna Andrews

Copyright 2008 Anna Andrews


 Copyright 2008 Artistry of Marc Eliuk - Personalized Oil Face & Body Portraiture