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(February/March 2010)
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An Interview with Rockstar Tara Slone

A Renaissance Woman of the 21st Century

Tara Slone 1

Your career is incredible, you've done so many things, how and when did it all begin?
Wow well it's a long story. . . Career wise? I started on the music track when I was young, basically Junior High and High School but my intentions were to initially become an opera singer. Even though I worked at Sam the Record Man all through high school as my part time job, I always loved rock music but studied classical music. Basically it turned out that I didn't really have the discipline and by the time I got to university I started my degree in opera but it wasn't the world for me so I went back to theatre school and studied in Montreal

So when I started working professionally, I was doing acting in Toronto and up here doing auditions. But music being my first love, I was looking for music opportunities. So I answered an add in a local paper here, looking for a singer, and that was Joydrop in 1997; so I was sort of a missing piece to that puzzle as they were already together and needed a vocalist, and things happened really quickly from there. We had a record deal within a year but things are different in the record industry these days, back then people were told that signing bands created opportunities. So we were making a record and were happy with it, then two records... We broke up in 2002 sort of from exhaustion but mostly because our record company went under.

Is there any future working with Joydrop? Even part time?
Well, I'll say this I'm not sure if it will be Joydrop in the actual form of all four of us but I wouldn't say it's totally out of the question... I mean everytime we get together, it's like: "man she should do that, everyone's doing it." Tom McKay, Tony Rabalao, and I are still making music together.

Something will be coming out of our collaborative I'd say, that I can assure you about.

Tara Slone 1

INXS: what impact did this have on you personally, and on your career? In your success, and knowing what you know now, would you do something like this again? I would say those are two different answers. Personally, I have to say that for a good long while, I actually I felt scarred by it. I'm proud of the way that I composed myself but I have to say that it was stressful beyond anything I had experienced and demoralizing. I felt like I-- well, that's just one side of the coin. I had an established career as a musician and a songwriter and I had to go into front of like a Karaoke world.

If I may, It was almost a step backwards in a sense?
Yes, I went into it not realizing exactly what I was going to get myself into, and I didn't know it was going to be like idol or American model. I thought it was songwriting and performing and it wasn't the case and I wasn't one of the judges favorites and I felt like: "what am I doing here?"

All that aside, I made many new friends and they were a very supportive group. But in retrospect at this point it's taken me a few years to be grateful for that experience which has led me towards the television career which has been my primary occupation for the last few years, through which I met my partner, Joe. But if it wasn't for all of that happening, I might not be where I am.

Which musical artists have been most inspiring/influential in developing your sound?
In terms of developing my sound, I don't really know. I feel like I'm a product of so many years of music appreciation.. Off the top of my head I could think but what is that about? Over the years I've tried to emulate various people and various times but when it came to my album I really can't say. But growing up, my Dad would listen to the Beetles and then of course for me a lot of women musicians like Debbie Harry, Chrissie Hynde, Annie Lennox, and Pat Benatar.

Tara Slone 3
What is the theme of Just Look Pretty & Sing? What does this personally mean to you?
Well, I mean it is something that was a direct quote from somebody who will remain nameless but somebody did say it to me and it always stuck with me.

I felt like in the music industry, and really in the world of rock and roll, women were often objectified, and I was objectified. We would go out on tour as a band and play and radio, DJ's, and in the media but I didn't feel like I was getting the respect I deserved.

Even though of course it was nice to be thought of attractive and all of that. So when someone said it to me, I thought: "fuck you man!" It was the meanest, most horrible thing you could ever say. So I took it and turned it around and owned it.

How did your work with Sun TV and hosting Inside Jam begin?
Basically when I came out the Rock Star experience, of course I had been doing a lot of interviews, like getting interviewed. Really ET Canada had been launched that year and they were calling on me a lot to get interviews for them and I ended up getting a taste for the TV world. I had done a lot of interviews during Joydrop and a lot of televisions appearances and really enjoyed that world. So I tried to figure out "what I was going to do with my life" :)

Finally, it hit me after I put out my solo album I realized I didn't have the drive in me I needed to and I was getting tired of the record industry and I figured I needed a different job.

I just thought, there's got to be the perfect thing that uses all the skills that I have. So I decided to just go for it, so I ended up looking on the computer at a job search and found one for Sun TV in Toronto. I went for an interview for it and the guy who met with me knew who I was and thought I'd make a good edition and that's that.

Tara Slone 4
Acting, you've had some roles with the Border, La Femme Nikita, and other appearances?
The Border, they just called me and they wanted me to play a musician and they actually used some Joydrop stuff in there as they wanted somebody who had a body of work. But the other stuff, I went to theatre school and have an agent and go out for roles but I haven't taken acting particularly seriously in the past five or six years or so.

I assume it's Sun TV and producing interviews that's your passion?
Yes, well if you think the recording industry is hard, try acting, it's even harder and there's so many actors out of work. I like something a little more regular and stable these days, and not that :)

I can sincerely appreciate where you're coming from
You're an artist so you understand

Totally, and balancing it with something more financially stable is wise and can allow you to be more creative in your other pursuits
That's it and I was becoming disillusioned with the music industry and it was actually really good for me to spend some time away and work in a different world.

Tara Slone 5

What does music mean to you?
When I look at my daughter now, and I can't imagine loving anything more. Music can come close to that, it can't come all that close but it can come pretty close just on a on a transitional emotional level. . . Pretty powerful!

Which musician past or present would you love to work on a project with?
There's so many... Either David Bowie or Robert Plant. . . Robert plant's talent is incredible but I think working with Bowie actually. He manages to keep up with the times, no matter that's he's 60, you wouldn't know it; he's extremely relevant, really savvy in terms of picking elements of music.

Tara Slone 6

What is at the core of Tara Slone? (Emotionally, spiritually, even metaphysically).
A fundamental belief that beings are basically good, that we have basic goodness inside. Actually at everybody's core there's purity, clarity and goodness.

Is there anything you would change in the world today, or about humanity? If so, what would this be?
People should stop killing each other, it sounds very simplistic but so true, there's so much aggression. . . Who wouldn't want world peace? But even beyond world peace, shooting each other in Toronto or hitting eachother in the face, definitely people need to stop the aggression.

What advice would you give to a female musician starting out?
My advice would be don't let anybody give you shit. Don't let anybody tell you that you're not good. I think it's certainly getting more and more balanced. Good looks can be an enhancement but can also attract noise.

I think you have to work that much harder to be taken seriously but don't give them any reason not to. Do it on your own merits.

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