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(March/April 2009)
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An Interview with Rockstar Suzie McNeil

Suzie McNeil 1

Describe how and when you began in music.
I've been singing ever since I was a little girl. I grew up with a very musical mother who also loved to sing... she used to have my sister herself and I play 3-part harmony games on long car rides, as well as perform in front of her friends at parties. This kind of 'dance Monkey dance' activity is where I actually caught the performing bug! And that's all I've ever wanted to do since...

Have you played in other groups, if so which ones?
I've been in a bunch of original bands in the past, they were all with Canadian artists: my first one was rock band called "Rounder", then an R&B band called "KiD", then another pop-rock group called "Fourstar". And now my band is called McNeil.... "Suzie McNeil". The best band of all!!! Lol

Who were your greatest influences in music?
My greatest influences would definitely be women in music. Any strong, hot, empowered women who rock would make the list. Anyone from Rihanna to Joni Mitchell to KT Tunstall to Gwen Stephanie. My influences differ from my listening tastes... I tend to listen to really mellow music, which is eventually the direction I would like my music to go.

Which of your songs do you feel are your greatest accomplishments to date?
The song the most people relate to right now in my career is Believe, and I'm so proud to be the one representing that message!! It really resonates to everyone in all walks of life. It really is a song that has a simple, yet such important message.

What are your sources of inspiration for writing music? Performing?
The subject I write about in a song definitely represents where I am at that specific time. For some reason we as humans like to write about our deepest feelings, and I guess the ultimate reward is when people relate to that. Like others, I have a lot of songs about relationships... angst ridden when I was unhappy, sweet and peaceful when I feel contented. Other times I try and make an inspirational statement for people... I'm a pretty positive person in general.


What is both the theme and underlying message of your album: Broken and Beautiful? Rock-n-Roller?
I think there's a underlying strong message in both. There are powerful songs in each sung by a powerful voice from a strong woman. There's love, love lost, inpiration, playfulness, and some poking fun.

Suzie 4

What is the largest crowd you've played for?
The largest crowd I sang in front of was when I was singing backups with Pink in Budapest, there were 250,000 people in the crowd! In my own career it would be around 50,000 (not including TV which was watched by millions!)

Your career is moving to incredible places, your talent is amazing: vocals and several instruments and a great stage performance. At this point of your career, what would truly be a great accomplishment?
World domination would be nice. Lol

Rock-star: INXS... How has it enhanced your career in music?
Rockstar was definitely a huge door that opened for me. When we were all on the show, I remember a lot of contestants thinking that this would be their 'big' break, but reality shows don't always work that way. The way I see it, and the way I always describe it is: being on TV opens a big door... but it's up to you whether you walk through it or not, and even how you choose to do so. I've had a lot more opportunities since Rockstar, but I've also worked VERY hard since then.

Suzie 5

Is there a contrast between the private Suzie McNeil and the public Suzie McNeil? Please describe.
When I am alone, believe it or not, I've become quite shy and recluse! It definitely takes energy to be in the public eye, and to a certain degree I am kind of meticulous about how I come across to other people. I'm very positive in public, but not as much in private. Like all humans I have demons that I always have to battle... I like to be at home, I like the warmth and cozyness that home offers.

What are some activities/hobbies you engage in for fun or just to unwind?

Suzie 8

What is at the core of Suzie McNeil? Describe the essence of what makes you who you are.
I am a person who is desperately trying to find the meaning of life and what happiness is. My soul goes quite deep, and therefore, sometimes there is a deep whole to fill. I've always been a survivor, I've been taught to find the good in the bad and to keep going through all adversity. I love my family and friends, I'm very loyal, and quite emotional.

What and when was your happiest time? What makes you happy?
Although it could sound cliche, my happiest time is when I'm singing. There is NOTHING like it. Every other worldly thing vanishes from my mind and I am alone in a pure, happy state. Music has always been the one thing that can penetrate the marrow of my bones, the very middle of my veins and travel right to my heart.

Genie in a bottle… Three wishes… What would they be? (Other than my favorite: more wishes).
1. That people stop wasting and ruining this earth so much
2. That my friends and family remain happy and healthy
3. That I have enough money to not have to ever think about money

Suzie 9

Describe some upcoming projects that you are especially excited about.
Even though I just released my second album, I'm already working on the next one and I'm VERY excited about it!! This time around I am going to really strip it down and get very personal. Potentially too much so, but I don't care. This next record is going to be different, and it's going to be all for me!!! : )

If you could meet any musician, past or present, who would it be? Why?
I'd love to work with Paul Simon... Cause he's awesome! : )

What advice would you give to someone starting as a musician?
The only way anyone can ever do it is to:
1. REALLY believe in yourself, through all the ney-sayers
2. To NOT quit. Ever. If you keep pursuing your art, you WILL succeed.
3. Work hard!!!

Suzie McNeil Website
Suzie McNeil Website

Suzie on MySpace
Suzie on myspace

Thank you Suzie


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