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(October 2008)
Artist who interviews

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An Interview with Actress Sarah Dunsworth

Sarah Dunsworth Beautiful

Explain how you began acting.
My father is an actor and I tagged along with him everywhere as a child. He liked to teach me sonnets and short acting pieces, do theatre games with me. Dad directed many high school musicals and drama classes in the 80's and was director of the Gilbert and Sullivan society - I hung out backstage a lot with him. I always felt like I was performing so making the switch to being onstage myself was a natural progression.

Who are some of the influences that started you in acting? My dad! Also, my mom, she was an actor in her youth. She is a very poised and elegant woman - when I feel like an idiot (which happens often) I try to channel my mom.

Sarah Dunsworth with Lucy

List some of the roles/productions you've been in.
I am sort of a selfish actor, because I only want to act in things I like, and I don't act to make a living- I work as an Assistant Director or in the Costume department on set to pay my bills. I have been pretty spoiled with Trailer Park Boys because it's a fun show to work on. That and Treevenge are the only projects I've been in that anyone will have heard of.

Describe how you got started with Trailer Park Boys.
Mike Clattenburg called me up and said "Do you want to be in my tv show I always wanted to act in one of his projects - I'd known him for a few years before that and was always really impressed with everything he did, so I was pretty stoked.

Sarah Dunsworth and Lucy

Describe how your personality differs than your character in this show?
Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out how people perceive my character. I have heard her described as a bitch and as a 'trailer park ho'. I don't think she is either of these things. She is a strong woman and she sticks up for the people she cares about. Ricky is a fairly stupid and frustrating person, and I think that her reactions to him are appropriate.

In that vein, I have a hard time knowing how people perceive me. I think I'm sort of annoying and lame. I definitely spend a hell of a lot less time on my appearance than she does! But I wish I had the patience to try to be more glamorous in my every day life.

Sarah Dunsworth in Treevenge

Which of your role/productions do you feel are your greatest accomplishments to date?
Treevenge is definitely my favorite. That and TPB are the only two anyone is ever going to know about to date. There are little bots of TPB that I am proud of. I like the scene where I tell Julian to take good care of Corey and Trevor. No idea what season that was in. I worked on a short that my friend Steve Arnold wrote and directed called The Bridge, I felt good about that.

Treevenge is an awesome film, describe how you got started with this?
Rob Cotterill and Jason Eisener are two of my very favorite people in the whole world. Rob and I work on Trailer Park Boys together - I can see his office from where I am sitting in the wardrobe trailer right now, across a parking lot. I met Jason at a local awards show - I was somewhat stalking him because I was obsessed with his movie "The Teeth Beneath". I heard he was sitting with some of our mutual friends and I went over to talk to him. He had heard of me through a wrestling thing I was working on, and we've been hanging out ever since. The low budget film community in Halifax is pretty tight, we all call each other and ask for help on our own projects. Jason and Rob and I have worked together a number of times, and I hope to be working with them lots in the future

Sarah Dunsworth and Jonathan Torrens

Please share a memorable experience during the making of Treevenge.
The whole thing was fucking amazing. I did some costume work on the show as well so I was there quite often. One day we were standing on top of a hill in Bridgewater in -30 temperature for about 14 hours, that was pretty rad.

My favorite day was when Henry Townsend - the amazing guy who does spfx for Jason, accidentally dumped about a quart of his special mix of blood down my pants. Oh, and getting to be married to Jonathan Torrens, I've been waiting about 20 years for that so even if it's just an acting role I'll take it. Love Jonathan.

My little sister Molly was in the production as well, so it was fun watching Henry hit her with a dead cat. She is really talented. My dad and other sister Zoe did the tree voices and it's interesting for me because I can tell which tree is my dad and which one is my sister. The hero tree is a mixture of both and it totally freaks me out.

Sarah Dunsworth in Treevenge

I love Horror - I love trying to look as gross and scared as possible. It's so much fun to be covered in blood. I love screaming. Treevenge was my favorite acting job, ever. It was superb. And it looks so great too, Jeff Wheaton shot it and he is totally great. I am so proud of the project I can't even express it. Jason Eisener is a genius. The crew was amazing. What more can I say?

Among the leaders of the world, who would be fun to have a beer with? Which one would need a good dose of chocolate? :)
All the world leaders right now seem like dicks. Especially Steven Harper. And you know, fuck George Bush. I am pretty anxious to see Obama get elected in the states, and now that our stupid PM has called an election, I'll take anyone that isn't him. He sucks.

If you could meet with any celebrity past or present, who would it be? Why?
Honestly, I'm not that enamoured with celebrities. I am sort of obsessed with South Park right now, I wouldn't mind partying with those guys, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. I like funny people. I'd like to work with Bruce Campbell.

Sarah Dunsworth Happy

If there was anything you could change in the world today, what would it be?
It would be great if people were more open minded and thoughtful. There are so many things that are fucked up in the world, I don't think I'd change any one thing. If I was being selfish I would make a law that only people who live in Nova Scotia could buy land here.

Genie and a bottle, three wishes, what would they be? (other than more wishes).
Mortage paid off . . . Steady income . . . Dog to live forever . . .

What and when was your happiest time?
Right now.


Describe your most embarrassing moment :)
I was drinking at my favorite local bar, The Granite on Barrington street in Halifax, and these guys recognized me because I am an ultra famous Canadian celebrity. I was kind of drunk and showing off for my friends, and I was re-enacting this great thing that happened in The Sopranos, where this background performer trips. I watch Background performers a lot. Anyway, instead of tripping, I totally bailed and face planted in the middle of the street. I quickly got up, and my friend Andy was thought it was a prat fall and was all slapping five. The guys who recognized me were like, are you okay? I pretended I did it on purpose, but when they were walking away I heard one of them say "Dude, she totally just bailed." That was sort more funny than embarrassing. I don't care too much what strangers think about me, but I felt like Andy and Tania were going to think I was an idiot.

Sarah Dunsworth: So Much for Tree Hugging

Out of all of history, who would you want to meet? What would you ask this person?
I wouldn't mind having a word with some friends and family that are deceased though. My nana. She was pretty cool. Or to be able to say thanks to my Grandfather, my dad's dad, who made it possible for his whole family to live in the most beautiful place in the world.

Pretend you could go back five years and give yourself advice, what would it be?
Turn left.

What mystery of the world or in science would be the greatest to solve?
Crop circles are interesting. The true nature of time. I'd like to see a spaceship.

If someone was to describe you in a word or two, what would you want them to say?
Not "She's okay"

What are some of the most important skills in acting? (or directing?)
Listening. You can always tell when actors aren't listening to each other. Both on camera and off.

Describe a time that you overcame insurmountable odds.
Oh, God. Aren't we all doing that every day?

What advice would you give to someone starting in acting?
Don't try to make a living, have a back up job. Don't feel bad when you audition for roles and don't get them. Volunteer a LOT. Do everything. Be nice to the crew. Don't always try to be the centre of attention on set. Do stuff for yourself. Hang your clothes up. Brush your teeth. It's not like these are things that I do, it's just good advice.


Trailer Park Boys Website

Thank you Sarah


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