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(September 2008)
Artist who interviews

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An Interview with Comic Melanie Rose

Melanie Rose in shock

Explain how you began as a standup comedian.
Before starting stand up I took a course called Stand up for Mental health, David Granier runs it. It is for people with anxiety or depression etc. it is a writing class, that focuses on humour to get through things.

Was there a favorite location or time where you've preformed?
My 3rd show ever was in front of 350 people it was a fundraiser for stand up for mental health, I was so nervous and so excited and I did well. I was inspired that night to keep doing it.

We discussed in a conversation earlier that you were married to a bank robber? What and how did that all happen?
I was married for 10 years, first 7 were good. Last 3 addiction took over his life and he robbed banks to get his "fix". It was a hard time in my life, however, some great jokes have come from terrible pain.

Melanie Stripes

Which comedian was of the greatest influence for you?
Carol Burnett and Lucy were my favs growing up. I love Ellen and Margaret Cho. There are too many to name, but these come to my mind first. My fav man comic is Craig Fergeson.

Which of your performances do you feel are your greatest accomplishments to date?
I have done about 200 shows in a little over a year, I love them all, as I learn from each one

Describe what you feel would be truly a great accomplishment for you.
When I can start being paid for doing a job that I absolutely love.

What inspires you to do comedy? What inspires you to write comedy?
Pain inspires me to write, usually when something terrible happens, you will see it at some point in my set. I like to write about real life, and I would also like to help others eventually with my story. I believe comedy is an Art.. Everyone has different styles of Art

Melanie Rose with cool hat

If you could meet with any celebrity (or comedian) past or present, who would it be?
I would love to meet Craig Fergusen and I would love to talk to him about his bad boy days.

What and when was your happiest time?
My happiest times have been doing stand up. I have had children (4 girls) very beautiful, but I often feel inadequate as a mother, many choices and mistakes, but comedy seems to bring joy to me and others.

If someone was to describe you in a word or two, what would you want them to say?
People would describe me as funny and sensitive (sometimes over

What are some of the most important skills in doing comedy?
? Listening, and watching, it is really important to know the kind of audience you have. It takes a long time to do this, but the more you practice the better you get.

Melanie Rose

Describe a time that you overcame insurmountable odds.
My life in general is an example of what following your dreams can actually accomplish. Single mom, divorced, 4 kids, depression issues, and I am still making people laugh...

Pretend you could go back five years and give yourself advice, what would it be?
Don't listen to what others say, listen to your heart. If you have something that is "calling" you, follow it.

What advice would you give to someone starting as a comedian?
Work on your set, learn to take some things with a grain of salt, and don't give up if it really is your desire to do this.

I am greatful for what I have learned so far in this year, it is my goal to tell my story over time and inspire people that you can dream, and you can change your life. Don't let others dictate how it is supposed to go. Also, don't judge others outsides, by your insides, sometimes life is all an illusion. It is all about perceptions of others and yourself. Be kind to yourself. And find funny in all things.

Melanie Rose Video

Melanie on MySpace
Melanie on myspace

Thank you Melanie


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