John Dunsworth

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(January 2009)
Artist who interviews

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An Interview with Actor John Dunsworth

Many recognize John Dunsworth for his character "Jim Lahey" from the Trailer Park Boys, but his is just the tip of the iceberg with John's acting abilities and experiences. I had the honor of spending an afternoon alone with John to visit, interview and understand a little about how he thinks. I have only one conclusion: John Dunsworth is a true Renaissance man of the 21st century.

His character Mr Lahey is radically different than the real John Dunsworth. While John described Lahey as being a "villain," I quickly learned that it is John who makes the character likeable. I must admit that John is very much the opposite of this character and is well educated, cultured and quite talented across a plethora of skills. Without further adieu, an interview with the multitalented actor: John Dunsworth.

John on his boat

You are an accomplished actor, when did it all begin?
I played the voice of God in Grade two... I always make things more dramatic and never had dreams of being an actor.

In addition to TV/movies, you have been active with directing and acting on the radio, approximately how many radio shows have you done?
Over 100 radio plays and hundreds of interviews. Pat and I do a great radio interview of Lahey and Randy.

(If this doesn't play: check your security settings)

You have many projects going, describe some of the ones you are working on?
Pat and I worked with Lex Gigeroff he wrote Judge Fred. I played Judge Fred...

Last year "The Lot," it's about a used car lot.

Also working on a story, a science fiction, it's a "who done it." Working on a (large) Inukshuk project (and) will be 100 tons of rock... Painting sky and sea scapes, impressionistic and had an art show.

John chilling

You have also been an educator. Where have you taught?
Dalhousie University, Mount St. Vincent, Nasco Academy and over 50 high School with workshops.

How did you accomplish starting the Pier 1 Theater? Didn't have any other options, Neptune didn't hire me and I wanted to work, so what could I do? I wanted to live on the east coast

Looking at a list of all the different roles you've played on TV/movies and radio; I would describe your range of acting roles as very dynamic, how would you describe it? What direction would you like to take future roles?
Variety rather than dynamic. In the future I would love to see the variety continue, not specifically dedicated to one medium like TV, radio, movies, voice overs.

What is a motivation you use to get into the part of Jim Lahey?
Good at make believe...

Is it true that there is another TPB movie in the making? Also is there another season?
The movie is the best we've ever done, Mike Clattenburg is brilliant... I think it will be called "Countdown to Liquor Day." ... Not having another season, likely more movies and specials.

What is your opinion of Mike Clattenburg's work?
I feel so fortunate to have worked with Mike Clattenburg cause he's a creative genius, an example of individualistic creativity. He's created a genre from his own imagination

Discussing issues

Name a historical figure that you admire. Why do you admire this person? What would you ask this person if you could meet him?
Ernest Shackleton, cause he accomplished the impossible, he rode through the Antarctic against impossible odds... I wouldn't ask him anything other than: "can I go on your next trip?"

Wikipedia had described that you've been "instrumental in trying to remove VLT's from bars in Nova Scotia," has this occurred yet? What motivated you to be involved in this movement?
It will take another 15 years... It's hypocritical to destroy families and then disown them and not take responsibility. They admit that 75% of the income comes from people with problems... They make millions every week, (in doing this) they are morally bankrupt.

What would be a project or a role that would be truly great to work on?
I just like working with a good script, good directors, good actors.

Looking back at everything you've done, would you change anything?
Yes a lot...Most experiences I've had, I value and appreciate the people who made them possible... Having experience is great but having quality of experience is the best...

If you were to give advice to people starting out in acting, what would you tell them?
Take chances.

John Dunsworth Website
John Dunsworth Website

Trailer Park Boys Website
Trailer Park Boys Website

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John Dunsworth Website



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