George Casey

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(May 2009)
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An Interview with Rocker George Casey

George 1

Your career is rising fast, how and when did it all begin?
I've been writing music for about 6 years now, but it's only really been in the past year, that I have been seriously pursuing it as a career. I was extremely lucky that the stars seem to have aligned and some important people within the industry instantly took an interest in what I was doing.

Bringing my music to life to some degree began when I started recording with producer Tavis Stanley in 2006, he understood what I was trying to achieve and helped make it happen. I hadn't really even finished putting the final album together when Gerry Young (multiple Juno awards winner) of Current Management took me on and got Prism/ Universal on board last spring.

Who were the greatest musical influences on you?
It's hard to lay a finger on where the influences came from but I will say I've been a huge fan of the following at different times in my life; Elvis, The Beach Boys, Zeppelin, Bowie, G & R, 60"s British Pop, The Stone Roses, Willie Nelson, Morrissey and of course The Rolling Stones.

Casey with Band

Your band is an awesome array of talent; can you share how this group came together?
I am blessed, they are awesome on so many levels. Shawn Robinson, my solid drummer I met through a mutual friend and he introduced me to Pete Mclaine, an amazing bassist and all round musician. The two of them have worked on many past projects together. Nick Cousins, my kick ass lead guitarist and newest addition was a lucky craigslist find. We all click both creatively and personally. It was important for me to find band mates on the same wave length and with easy going personalities and a dedication to professionalism that dug my music.

Get It On

What is the theme behind your CD, "Get It On"? What does it personally mean to you?
"Get It On" is to just go and do it, have a lot of fun and leave your inhibitions behind, live in the moment and of course let loose and enjoy my tunes.

On a personal level (though I probably wasn't conscious of it when I decided on the title), has to do with me getting on with a new phase in my life; that of the singer/songwriter.

George Casey - Moonless Nights

The intensity of playing in front of a crowd is incredible. How do you prepare emotionally for a live performance?
I always feel prepared and confident about what we are doing and basically, I can't wait to hit the stage, many people say I'm a different person on stage, I feel at home and I just love the performance aspect of it!

You've been busy with a recent CD release, are there any future dates set for a tour, or is this currently TBA with so much happening at the moment?
Dates are currently in the works. We had not frankly anticipated so much Media interest so soon, so we are juggling between scheduling the two. I hope to have some announcements up soon, probably prior to the release of this interview.

I know it's early to ask but what are your plans/ideas for theme of your next CD?
I've got a several songs ready to go and it seems to be carrying a theme of hope, we'll see what happens.

Describe what would be an incredible project to work on in the future.
Putting together a world tour!


What motivates you to write music? What emotions/memories inspire you to write?
Probably both the cathartic release as well as the ability to live vicariously through words motivates me to write. And then there is the pure joy in creating something from nothing and seeing it to fruition.

Pretty much everything and anything inspires me. Which I hope keeps my music diverse. I do draw on many personal experiences and emotions, but I can also get into a character driven entirely by imagination and get into the skin of others and their experiences.

Which of your songs do you feel are your greatest accomplishments?
For me they all seem like great accomplishments, because it wasn't that long ago I would have never imagined ever writing, let alone singing, performing etc.

"Right The First Time" was probably the most challenging, because it was the first time I ever recorded someone else's lyrics and it was very delicate subject matter (domestic abuse) that needed to be handled with both passion and compassion. It's turning into one of my most popular songs and drawing attention to a matter that is still kept way too secret, so I am particularly proud of that.

Casey on stage

If you could jam with any musician, past or present, who would it be? Why?
My friends that I grew up with who are now scattered across Canada. The reason is simple it would be a very, very fun time; there would be a lot of talent in that room.

Where you are today: who are the people you most want to thank for being there, even mentoring you, up to this point?
I try to remember to thank the people who are directly involved in my career on a regular basis. Who I always don't get a chance to thank or find the right words to be able to thank are all the incredible friends and fans like you, I've met through MySpace etc, who supported and guided me at a crucial time for me. It really gave me the confidence that yes I can do this and people are enjoying my music, so it's worth continuing to pursue. The positive feedback we get and sometimes a friendly criticism really helps to guide me.


Pretend you could go back in time, to any point of your life, to give yourself advice. Where would you go and what advice would you give?
I would go back to my first of several cubicle jobs and say "Stop! Get the hell out! It's not going to work for you! Get your ass to the city!" But when you think about it all those experiences shaped and created who I am today so I'm not sure if it would be good advice. I was stubborn then so I would not have listened anyway.

Describe an awkward moment on stage or in an interview. How did you get around it?
Maintaining eye contact while being interviewed by the Naked News, I have to give kudos to the interviewer for her professionalism and keeping me focused on the substance of the interview.

Genie in a bottle... Three wishes... What would you ask for?
A chance to see my Parents again, elimination of arms, tolerance for one another.

What advice would you give to a new musician starting out?
Stay focused on the music, have fun with it, but don't get caught up in a lifestyle. The music itself is a pretty big high. Surround yourself with people you can trust and that believe in you. Believe in yourself and be professional.

George on MySpace
George on myspace

Band Website
Band website

Thank you George!


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