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The Artist Who Interviews

(August 2008)
Artist who interviews

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An interview with a different Brian Adams


Explain how you began as a vocalist
It all started in grade 6, when we were shown how to sing by our music teacher. My shower singing took off from there. But it was many years later (I was about 23 when i started to sing with a mic) that I actually started by singing karaoke. I found a song i knew (war pigs-black sabbath) and tried it. I didn't stink, so i started going with my friends 2-3 times a week to different places.

What other instruments do you play? What's your favorite?
I play the drums, a little guitar, a little bass, and harmonica. I like the drums for the release it gives me, not to mention the workout :)

Which musicians were of the greatest influence for you?
There are too many to list. I draw influence from all types of music. But to name 3 of my favorites that influenced me somewhat : Iron Maiden, Blind Melon & Led Zeppelin.

By Rapid Life
(Brian Adams: vocals & harmonica,
Vanessa Lewiski: guitar)
Fellings well inside, remembering the times
When we laughed, when we cried

What times we had, when we were young
Memories here, memories gone

We'd seek and hide, from rise to set
The sun our enemy and guide

What times we had, when we were young
Memories here, memories gone

Two months a year, is all we had
Freedom was limited, schools back dear

What times we had, when we were young
Memories here, memories gone

I remember the time, not so long ago
I was feeling happy, I was free

What times we had, when we were young
Memories here, memories gone

(Copyright 2008 Brian Adams & Rapid Life)

Which of your songs do you feel are your greatest accomplishments to date?
I would have to say Memories. I got it published in a book of poetry, by Poetry.com a few years ago. But I also think that Looking for a Signal is up there too, because it is the first song I wrote the guitar part for as well (the basics anyway).

What inspires you to write songs?
Sadness and heartache mainly, sometimes anger.

If you could meet with any celebrity (or musician) past or present, who would it be? Why?
Shannon Hoon(Blind Melon Singer-deceased). I would try to stop him from shooting-up cocaine and overdosing, because they were an amazing band. And for me when he died, a part of music died as well.

What and when was your happiest time?
Living in the mountains, I've never been that happy before or since.


If someone was to describe you in a word or two, what would you want them to say?
Sarcastic and honest.

Pretend you could go back five years and give yourself advice, what would it be?
Don't give up on yourself. Stop wasting your life and get moving forward

What advice would you give to someone starting as a musician?
Never give up, and don't listen to nay-sayers. If you have a talent, use it, explore it and then act upon it. Don't be afraid to fail, just pick yourself up and continue to pursue your dream. Always be true to your dream/vision of what you want, only compromise when it will help your art.

playing harmonicaBrian Adams & Rapid Life: Memories

Thank you Brian


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