Audra Hardt

The Artist Who Interviews

(November 2008)
Artist who interviews

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An Interview with Rockstar Audra Hardt

Describe how and when you began in music
I have always been a stage hog. I always did individual sports as a kid. I first sang when I was 15 on a production with Smokey Robinson at Royce Hall.

Have you played in other groups, if so which ones?
The name of my group has changed but it has always been me Cat trap, china cat, audra hardt

Your voice is amazing, which artists would you say have been of greatest influence to your sound?
Ani de franco . . . lyrics
Beth hart . . . vocals
Madona . . . stage

You have an awesome band, do you have any stories that you could share about how you assembled this group or how it all came together?
Not really, I got my musicians one at a time, through auditions and a lot of patience

What inspires you to write music? When are the best times and what are the best motivators?
Pain is my motivation
Live feeds my vocabulary
Hope makes it lyrical

For you the sky is the limit, you are indeed going places. Describe what you feel would be truly a great accomplishment for you at this point.
Well, money would relieve the pressure, but really I just want to infect people with my point of view, making the lonely a little more comforted, and the hopeless a little more hopeful.

Out of all of history, (outside music) who would you want to meet? What would you ask this person?
My great grandparents, to ask them about the war
Old politicians to ask them how far off he mark we really are
Janis, Jimi, Jim. . . to see if they have any regrets

Describe your most embarrassing moment :)
X rated

Describe a time that you overcame insurmountable odds.
Which one, my whole life is a series of insurmountable odds. When my kids bio dad bailed and I had to do it all alone

If someone were to describe you in a word or two, what would you want them to say?
Fierce, too much, firecracker

Tattoos. . . In some of your pictures, there are some awesome tattoos, could you describe the meaning behind why you chose them?
I like flowers, Daisys

Pretend you could go back five years and give yourself advice, what would it be?
Save more money

Genie in a bottle . . . Three wishes. . . What would they be? (Other than my favorite: more wishes).
Money, health, happiness

Do you have a role model/hero? If so, who?

Audra's Website

Thank you Audra


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