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(July, 2008)
Artist who interviews

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An Interview with Poet Anna Andrews


What makes for a good poet?
... Someone who follows their own heart, rather than going all extents to impress. Also to take in criticism as well as compliments, learn by them and let them help you grow into something more.

What drives you to write?
... Sadness mainly... This has the most affect on me. I have also been inspired by dreams, music as well as finding ways to teach my daughters as they were growing up.

If there was anything you could change in the world today, what would it be?
The only thing I would want to change is the neglect in the world today. Too many people turn a blind eye on many things in life.

Describe what you feel would be a great accomplishment for you.
Publishing a book and showing people you can follow your dreams no matter what your background or upbringing was, would be an outstanding accomplishment.

Lost Soul

After light there's dark
after dark there's death,
after death there's life
for a soul to walk the night.

He shall walk the night or a day
which ever he may choose,
he shall walk the earth to find his loss
to heal the heart that bruise.

If the love he may never find
then may he walk a thousand miles,
as the heart will never heal again
and the eternal tear will fall,
and drop in a thousand styles.

Copyright 2007 Anna Andrews

Which of your works do you feel are your greatest accomplishments to date?
"Lost soul" was the poem that got me where I am today. When I found out it was being published and I received a Certificate of Accomplishment, it encouraged me to go further.

Out of all of history, who would you want to meet? What would you ask?
Elizabeth Browning. I would ask her many questions to what inspired her most, her favorite poem and why.

Among the leaders of the world, who would be fun to have a beer with? Which one would need a good dose of chocolate?
I know he is not a leader now, but I would have to say John Major, he could really do with a beer and some chocolate.

If you could meet with any celebrity past or present, who would it be? Why?
Sharon Osborn. I think she is a brilliant woman, and not scared of being herself.

Anna Andrews 1

What and when was your happiest time?
The day I got married. It took us 8 years to tie the knot. The build up to the day was an out of this world experience. I remember walking down the isle feeling so happy and proud. I felt we were making a family circle complete and secured. A feeling I had longed for years.

Pretend you could go back five years and give yourself advice, what would it be?
I would advise myself not to listen to everyone else and stop doing things to keep everyone else happy. Being that it was almost 5 years ago that I got married.

What advice would you give to someone starting as a poet/artist?
The only advice I feel I can give to others is follow your heart, don't give up when you feel your not getting any where. Do whatever you feel you need to do, in order to give yourself the extra boost. Watch, listen and learn by everything around you. When ever in doubt don't be too proud to ask from a fellow poet/artist as we all can learn and inspire from each other. But remember don't go to extremes to impress, you may only find your not being yourself.

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Thank you Anna


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