Holding Back the Tears Expressions oil painting

A year,
A lifetime,

The sands of time,
Wet with anguish
Why, I ask

All is given,
Gratitude in order

The world,
Fall in darker hands,
Elemental misery.

(Keenan Moon, 2008)

Copyright (c)2008 Keenan Moon

A Tear

I look into the mirror and remember the last time,
I felt your eyes burning into mine.
I hold my head up and try, not to break down and cry.
I feel as though it has been forever since we were last together.
I have this emptiness inside, as if my heart and soul has died.
I had a dream that you were here, yet when I awoke,
there was only a tear...

The tear drops fall from my eyes, like the warm summer rain,
and my heart still aches, from the sorrow and the pain.
If my tears should rain a sea, shall I ever see you again?
Maybe our love was meant to be, or maybe this is just the end.
A tear is but a drop of blood, that spills from a broken heart,
And if that tear should form a flood, our love has fallen apart...

(Gloria Kara, 2008)

Copyright (c)2008 Gloria Kara


 Copyright 2008 Artistry of Marc Eliuk - Personalized Oil Face & Body Portraiture