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September-November 2008

Oil Portrait Paintings - Collage

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The Artistry of Marc Eliuk is featuring:

Supermodel Emily Sandberg

Emily has agreed to have me create a small collection of paintings dedicated to her.
It has been quite an honor for me and Emily has been wonderful to work with.

"Thank you for including me in your process.
I feel grateful for the opportunity to be painted by you.
Thank you Marc." (Emily Sandberg)

In addition to this feature, Emily has agreed to an interview...

Emily Sandberg

Explain how you initially began modeling
I started with an agency from Minneapolis MN, Agency Models and Talent. They came to my hometown looking for new talent. My mom and Grandma encouraged me to check it out and I did. I moved to New York shortly after that and began working right away.

At what point in your career did you know that you had become successful?
After my move to New York I began working at a very high level right away so to me that was my base line. That level defined my leaping off point. I didn't have time perspective to consider whether or not I was or was becoming successful. Life was happening all at once and it felt like my job was to keep my head above water and create a quality image for photographers to capture. I'd like to think I did ok, I enjoy the challenge of jumping into unknown depths. I'm only beginning to realize now how improbable that amount of success and the speed at which it happened is for a model. I consider myself very fortunate and plan to use the knowledge I now have to create new opportunities.

Supermodel Emily Sandberg: Sensual Goddess

List some of the magazine covers you've been on and/or designers you've worked modeled for
Well designer Donna Karen has always been loyal as well as photographers Steven Meisel, Peter Lindbergh and Paulo Roversi. Magazines I've worked with are French, Italian, German, American, and Japanese Vogue. I've worked with W, Harper's Bazaar, V, I-D, Black Book, Elle... so many wonderful people and publications.

What advice would you give to models starting out?
Usually models start very young and the fashion world is an adult business. I would suggest bringing along a parent or guardian to help stabilize and guide you. Also find a good accountant and/or business manager to help you manage your money and business. The lifespan of a model is typically short and it's always a good move to save and invest the money you make. I hired a nutritionist and physical trainer to keep me in good shape. It was difficult for me to develop strong friendships because of the constant travel and working with new people. I dealt with being alone by bringing a book, journal and calling cards on the road. One last important advice would be to develop a spiritual practice for yourself whether it's religious in nature or artistic. The intensity and constant change in fashion lends oneself to losing touch. I would suggest that for every walk in life.

Emily Perfection

Are you also involved in acting?
I was a mime and performed in the theater before I started modeling. I was with the Masque Youth Theater in Rochester MN. We performed for schools and the community as well as traveled to Renaissance Festivals. I absolutely loved it, especially putting on white face and wearing mime boots. Also I was involved in theater onstage and off. One summer my sister Allison and a few friends of ours from the theater put on our own production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged. My sister and I had my younger brother and his friends wearing signs and walking around on the streets to bring in an audience. We filled the house. Twice! And we got laughs. Making an audience laugh got me hooked on acting. Modeling introduced to me cameras and I immediately fell in love with them. After five years of modeling I moved to Los Angeles and started working with acting coach Martin Barter at the Stanford Meisner Playhouse on Lankershim. He introduced me to the importance of listening. I've done a few films since and am continuing in that vein. Although I'm not finished with modeling.

Supermodel Emily Sandberg: Graceful Goddess

Thanks Emily for this interview

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Thank you Emily!

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