Featured Faces in Paint

March- June 2009

Oil Portrait Paintings - Collage

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The Artistry of Marc Eliuk is featuring:

David Suzuki

Celebrity Scientist and Environmental Hero

Dr. Suzuki has agreed to be featured through paintings
and has also written a message to accompany this presentation.

Suzuki: A Man of Honor

A Message from David Suzuki:

Human beings have undergone a fundamental change in a century.

We have gone from being primarily rural, village living creatures to big city dwellers. In 1900, most people in the world were involved in some form of agriculture; we were farmers. And farmers understand the seasons, the weather and climate, good insects and pests, beneficial plants and weeds. Farmers know we are embedded in and dependent on nature.

By 2000, most people in industrialized countries had moved to big cities where economics and politics become our highest priorities and we think somehow that we no longer need nature for our health and well being. But where do we think we get clean air, clean water, clean food and clean energy from? Nature, not a factory.

David Suzuki

David Suzuki: Environmental Hero
The Face of Hope

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Thank you Dr. Suzuki

Featured Faces:

Rockstar Suzie McNeil (Feb-Jun/10)

Beautiful Suzie McNeil

His Holiness The Dalai Lama (July-Dec/09)

Dalai Lama a Man of Peace

Celebrity Scientist David Suzuki (Mar-Jun/09)

David Suzuki

Actress Geri Hall (Dec/08-Feb/09)

Geri Hall

Supermodel Emily Sandberg (Sep-Nov/08)

Emily Sandberg

Comedian Tracey MacDonald (Jul-Aug/08)

Tracey MacDonald

Ashleigh April-Jun/08

Face Model:Ashleigh

Monique Jan-Mar/08

FBody Model: Monique

Dayna 2007

Face Model: Dayna

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