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All work is hand painted: Oil on Canvas
(Using a simple paint brush)

(Click the painting for a higher resolution image)
Tesla: Nikola Tesla portait painting by artist Marc Eliuk 2017Jim Morrison: Jim Morrison portait painting by artist Marc Eliuk 2017Orwell: George Orwell portait painting by artist Marc Eliuk 2017
Here's Johnny II The Shining Janck Nicholson Portrait Oil Painting by artist Marc Eliuk 2016Jimi Hendrix Original Portrait Oil Painting by artist Marc Eliuk 2016Tribute to Prince Portrait Oil Painting by artist Marc Eliuk 2016
Raun Kaufman Oil PaintingPatrick McKenna painting
Karen-Eileen Gordon PaintingManoj Soodvladimir Putin Breathing Room Oil Painting
Painting of Moe Berg TPOHPaul Ogata PaintingBoris Cherniak Painting
Tara Slone paintingSuzie McNeilSuzie McNeil
Dalai LamaThe Dalai Lama: a Man of Peace
Suzuki: A Man of HonorDavid Suzuki: Environmental HeroThe Face of Hope
Chris CummingsGeorge Casey
John DunsworthBeautiful Geri Hall
CobainAll work and no play- oil portrait painting
Emily SandbergEmily: Perfection The Eyes of Emily
Gavin CrawfordGeri HallAnxiety with Geri as the model
Tribute to Geri Hall and Harper VisionSarah Dunsworth: So Much for Tree HuggingAudra Hardt
BhuttoEinstein Oil Painting
JFK Oil PaintingMarilyn Oil Painting
Nicole Oil PaintingShirley Beautiful Faces oil paintingNahlah Oil Painting

This is a sketch instead
but belongs with the
famous faces of this gallery
Melanie Rose

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