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Peculiarities in My Works &
Festerings of my Subconscious Mind

Like the annoyance of flies buzzing on a window,
so are my ideas when inhibited.

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In some of my works, I enjoy painting subtleties, which come out after a while. The focus of this page is to illustrate some of the more obvious, larger ones to hopefully bring attention to the less noticeable ones in other works of mine. I will leave many of these to yet be discovered, until then, they will be shrouded in mystery.

The Typical

In some of my works, I have added subtle reflections in the eyes. Family paintings often have the occasional heart, while other thematic elements have been used for other paintings. Here are a few examples...

Heart Shape

Heart Shape

Dove Shape

Suzie McNeil's name in her eyes
Suzie McNeil eyes

The A-Typical

This is the original artwork, that I painted,

Being Negative

When the Painting is actually viewed as a negative,

Negative of the negative

The Really A-Typical

Demons I have known

Ghost Image Revealed
Demons I have known

About the Painting

Besides the ghost image inspired by a recurring night terror (involving ghosts really being lying demons). Another eccentric fact about this painting is that it is only painted with two colors and one pigment. I simply painted in blue (French ultramarine), brown (burnt umber) and white (titanium white). You might be asking, how did you get the appearance of gray and charcoal? The "trippy" item here is that ultramarine and burnt umber, when mixed correctly, makes charcoal...

Eyes that Follow

Vampire girl oil paintingDemon Mistress

I admit, I purposely painted both works with the intent to have eyes which follow. For me the difficult aspect was to include the light reflection and still have following eyes. Typically I've found that the light reflection breaks the following effect of eyes where it happens. (Yes, I studied countless images of eyes which follow.. creepy research if I may call it that).

In these cases, I was able to keep the eyes following but one axis was limited by the light reflection. The image of the first painting is inferior the second but the effect is still prevalent, especially in person, in which the owner of this painting often puts it painting away when she has visitors as they get "creeped out" by the effect.

A Spooky Story?

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