Corporate Conscience
Corporate Conscience Oil Painting

What this madness that we call society? Where multinational corporations are larger than any country and governments bend, and waver, even tremble at their mercy? Find more, you must follow the money trail, the Great Almighty of today, which will leave the earth desolate as their "almighty" legacy. Responsible governments? I call it cowardly, we let our own suffer in the name of global competitiveness, hoping that the Almighty Corporations will not abandon them, hence leave the economy desolate. They tremble in the corporate shadow and have the Gaul to call themselves a democracy. Nations are gridlocked in a system which will only leave us as extinct, yet we allow millions to suffer and a billion go hungry in the name of "progress" and this "global economy." Set in place by the big three, it beats world war by killing more slowly in the name of international competition and global economics. The author of mankind has seen these "souls under the alter," sacrificed for the greed of the few who claim to own us all, will not let this go unnoticed, even in our own extinction. (Marc Eliuk, 2008)

The ballad of personification

Once, long ago, there was something
Now that something no longer reigns
Nothing is complete

This is bad for the people of our fair city
For without something to look up to
Nothing bullies and torments the citizens

Eventually, someone, our hero came to save them
When someone couldn't find them
He stumbled upon nothing

Someone battled nothing for a very long while
And when their war ended
When someone lay bleeding on nothing

The world was once again at peace
Of course someone was okay
The townsfolk resuscitated him back to full health

And throughout history it shall be written,
Once long ago someone came to save us
When someone finally defeated nothing,
We no longer lived in fear of nothing

(Keenan Moon, 2008)


 Copyright 2008 Artistry of Marc Eliuk - Personalized Oil Face & Body Portraiture and Surrealist works