Artist Marc Eliuk 2012


(2011 - 2014)

Oil Portrait Paintings - Collage

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Chronology (2011 - 2014)

Chronology -- MAIN Here's Johnny II The Shining Janck Nicholson Portrait Oil Painting by artist Marc Eliuk 2016 Chronology 2009-2010 Chronology 2008 Chronology 2006-2007 Chronology 2005 & Before


Venetian Goddess Oil Painting Raun Kaufman Oil Painting David Geffen Oil Painting Vladimir Putin Breathing Room Oil Painting Mysterious Eyes Oil Painting George Soros Oil Painting Belinda Stronach Oil Painting Mark Zuckerberg Oil Painting Li Ka-shing Oil Painting Alice Walton Oil Painting Eli Broad  Oil Painting BC Education Problems Cartoon Monetary Marionette: Political Puppet Le Voyage 1 Warren Buffett Painting Fallen Angel Rising Bill Gates Painting Eastern Sunset 2 BC teacher's strike, 2014


Unfit Contenders: in the place where Governments once stoodA Compassionate Man: The Philanthropist of Terrace-- Bob Erb PaintingTerrace Eagle


Elaine I & II Father as a Son: in memory of a good man The Stroll The Pondering Love Affair with Kitimat: a tribute to all who make it their new home Eastern Sunset Painting Warmth - Floral Painting Patrick McKenna Teacher & Friend: Al Lehman Karen-Eileen Gordon The Urban Ophelia Political Cartoon: BC Teacher's Strike Tribute to the Pipeline To Honor a Brother


The Unkown Rockstar The Moment of Inspiration Innocence Emily Sandberg Gold: Roman Gothic Nancy Beverly: Neo Mystical All We Have Breakfast&Bed: A Tribute to Monogamy and the Lifelong Dance of Love The Insanity of Humanity Barrel full of it! Soul Mates Manoj Sood Dreams The Calm Before the Passion: Romantic Sunset Dreams are a Poison The Toxic Venus Corporate Atlas

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