Artist Marc Eliuk busy painting


(2006 - 2007)

Oil Portrait Paintings - Collage

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(Chronology 2006 - 2007)

Chronology -- MAIN Here's Johnny II The Shining Janck Nicholson Portrait Oil Painting by artist Marc Eliuk 2016 Chronology 2011-2013 Chronology 2009-2010 Chronology 2008 Chronology 2005 & Before


Andi-Lee portrait Bailey Mrs Purdy Tyler 1 Tyler 2 Crystals Family Dolores Expressive Boss Richards before changes Mya JFK Marilyn Contempt Ashleigh Heres Johnny Dayna 2 The Death of Nature Fate The Promotion Dayna 1 Cody & Cole Abbey & Clair The Madman holding back the tears Tribute to Zurbaran vampire girl Eight Hour Painting DemonsIHaveKnown anguish Intrigue awestruck gloating Mischief Forlorn Mysterious being_negative The Stalker Samuel Loathing scorn Sultry epithumia Claudia II


Petra midnight passions worlds greatest mind Beautiful smile Jim's Shirley Nahlah Tracie Claria Stare Claudia I Saira Raquel

2005 and Before

Mila Shirley Nicole first experiment with oils Jesus Grimlandscape legacy botox Agony of Despair Cold War of the 1980's version 1 Cold War of the 1980's Version 2
The Melting Man Unreleased

Unreleased Works

Here's the names of a couple of notable unreleased works that might never surface:

- The Hopeless: (Oil on canvas: 8x10) - Surreal - 2009
- Cherries: (Oil on canvas: 8x10) - Still Life - 2009
- Inner Loathing (Oil on canvas: 16x20) - Surreal - 2008
- Monique III (Oil on canvas: 11x14)(private work nicknamed: "A sin-ister body portrait") 2008
- Barbarella (16x20)(very first oil portrait and in color) 2004/2005

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