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 Artist Marc Eliuk

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I believe that being an artist is a trade of skilled expression; in addition to talent, one must also be: professional, have at least one unique style, and be true to being their own brand name. Some of these are skills that are taught, others must be mentored until they are moulded to their niche.


In the traditon of the Masters, I take on apprentices to my work.
I am extremely selective in whom I choose.
I will refuse to take on apprenticeships for years until I see the right attributes.

Apprentices are selected for the following attributes:

1. Right attitude (Humble, self-competetive, always conscientious with personal best).
2. Gifted to Genius IQ in spatial relations.
3. Ability to blend to near perfection with a paintbrush (or)
    another extreme gift/skill with visual art.

Apprentices to my work, skills,
and secret techniques

Kaela Moldenhauer

Specialty: Portraiture, Florals, First Nations Art
Kaela Moldenhauer art apprentice trained under Artist Marc Eliuk

Cyril Bennett

Specialty: First Nations Art & Brilliance in Traditional Design
Cyril Bennett art apprentice trained under Artist Marc Eliuk

Michayla D "Misgin"

Specialty: Wolves
and Eyes
Michayla D - art apprentice trained under Artist Marc Eliuk

Shenise Daugherty

Specialty: Chiseled Portraits
(Unique style)
Shenise Daugherty -  art apprentice trained under Artist Marc Eliuk

In addition to apprentices,
I salute the many notable artists who have trained under me over the years!
(Please contact me if you wish to obtain a letter of reference verifing this).

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